Who are we?

The GTU Robotics and Automation Club is the first student body established within the university. Since its inception, it has been operating both in-school and out-of- school in technical, social and cultural areas. Our club aims to develop knowledge and skills in various specialized disciplines of engineering for all engineer candidates within the club while creating a social activity for students in other departments to make robotics and electronic hobbies and turn them into areas of interest. With its basic structure, the club gives tomorrow's dynamic and brilliant engineer candidates the opportunity to translate their theoretical knowledge into practice, and provides important information transfer via sharing among members. Although the majority of club’s team is formed by the students of Engineering Faculty, the club also provides service for all GTU students. Our club has started its works in a small class in the first time, adopted the workshop culture with the work space assigned to the club, and started intensive studies aiming to give the same discipline to all its members and accelerated their works every year. Workshops and competition preparations were began with courses about basic electrical-electronics, circuit design, microprocessor and algorithm courses given by our relatively experienced students in software and electronics. Our club has been actively participated in various national competitions. In this process, many awards have been won by our club and, more importantly, many valuable friends have been acquired.

About KelebekRO

Gebze Technical University will be home to II. International Kelebek Olympics organized by Gebze Technical University Robotics and Automation Club on 6-7 April 2019. This olympiad will accept competitors and audience from inside and outside of the country. The competitors can be able to show their skills, and also they will get the opportunity of compate and gain the big prizes with the seven different categories in the olympiad. In addition to the familiar categories such as Line Follower, Mini Sumo and Free, there will be also the category of Hünkar Çayırı Rover which takes its name from the lands of Fatih Sultan Mehmet deceased, and the Kelebek Drone League which is the first drone league performed in a university in our country, and people with the spirit of maker of every age will be able to participate in the category of G.T.U. (Get up, Think out, Unify), and present their original projects in 24 hours by developing their ideas in the direction of the themes to be given to them. At the same time, seminars and workshops will organize in parallel with the competitions in order to enable participants to spend their time actively. The aim of KelebekRo is to bring together the academicians and students who are working in the field of robotics, and valuable participants in the sector through organized events thereby the university is positioned in the heart of the industry.

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